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December 20, 2011 - 1 comment.

Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

1239 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Minifigure heads on the Lego production line in Billund, Denmark, where two million Lego pieces are made every hour. This machine, one of several similar ones in the factory, can paint different expressions on each side of the heads.

2117 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

The Billund factory’s ‘Cathedral’ warehouse, which is ‘manned’ by eight robots and 15 automatic cranes.

393 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Minifigures are assembled on the production line.

480 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Left: The Toy Story characters; and a virtual Buzz Lightyear – the lines in the background indicate brick size.

572 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Lego heads in the painting machine.

663 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

One of the 12 production ‘legs’ in the factory – the finished Lego pieces are stored in the Cathedral.

753 Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Left: A large minifigure welcomes visitors to the ‘Idea House’; and completed products on display.

(I think the photography is by Alex Howe?)

November 29, 2011 - No Comments!

Sexy, Simple Sony: The TR-1825 Radio

It's quite a feat of industrial design to produce something in 1970 that still looks contemporary 41 years later. Sony handily achieved that feat with their TR-1825 radio, a modernist cube that you slid open to expose the speaker on the front face while simultaneously revealing the controls up top.



Sony Design's History page states,
"Released in 1970, when Sony had become the first Japanese company to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Sliding the faces on this cubic radio reveals a speaker in front and controls on top, a unique design at the time. One version of its packaging commemorates the World Expo in Osaka, held in March that year, and many expo-goers picked up the radio as a gift"

August 9, 2011 - No Comments!

Whimsical products made by The.

A selection of cool, random and cleverly designed products from New York based product designers, The.

Anti-theft lunch bags
Stop those bullys at school/work nicking your sandwiches!


Framed objects



Walls notebook
Walls Notebook is a notebook / sketchbook that features 80 pictures of "clean" NYC walls instead of blank pages. Write, draw, paste, or doodle on these inspirational backdrops. You'll be one step closer to being the street artist you've always wanted to be … minus the jail time.


Stacked cups
What appears to be two or three cups nestled within each other is actually only one cup.




January 4, 2011 - No Comments!

Change – Coin Deposit Lamp

The 'change  - coin deposit lamp' by Finnish designer Tima Naskanen is a concept that addresses our human behaviors and the impact that we as a society are having on our natural environment.
Niskanen's project is a task light intended for public spaces, such as a library, encouraging users to turn off the lights when leaving a desk / work area. In order to turn the lamp on, one must deposit a coin into a slot built into the light's supporting base. removing your money after use, switches the lamp off - saving money and energy.


November 1, 2010 - No Comments!

Bang! Shoot the lights out.

Japan based design studio Bitplay (Jack Chang and Josh Cheng) presents its first collection of products: 'Puzzle', 'TikTikTik' and 'Bang!' at Tokyo Designers Week 2010.

Bang! is probably my favourite of the three, although I'm not quite sure how the actual logistics of it would work.  I also really like the concept of "Puzzle". Its a great (and very simple) idea if not entirely practical having an alarm clock which doesn't actually function as a clock.
To operate simply 'shoot the lights out'.
- Point the accompanying gun at the lamp and it turns the light off.
- The the lampshade knocks to an angle, showing its been hit.

Play with time, or at least your alarm clock.

Puzzle makes it fun to set your alarm clock by letting you manipulate the numbers yourself.  You physically arrange the strokes of the digital numbers in order to set the time on your alarm.



August 20, 2010 - No Comments!

Dunny 2010 Launch – My first vinyl toys

Last night I happened to visit the Launch Party for Kid Robot's new 3 inch Dunny Series, Dunny 2010, at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester.

I couldn't resist treating myself to my first two vinyl toys and as all the boxes are sealed it was pot luck what I got.  I think I did pretty well....



July 28, 2010 - No Comments!

Cipher – Drinking glass

Whilst on the search for some cool new glasses, I came across these geeky mosaic glasses.  Loving the concept.

Info / Description: An empty glass resembles a meaningless colorful mosaic, until a liquid is poured into it, revealing its name. Each side of the glass is reserved for a specific drink.

The Dekrypt glass though complex in appearance in fact runs on a very simple idea. Differently colored shapes are scattered across the glass surface in a seemingly random pattern, however their position is hardly accidental. The true purpose of the glass mosaic is revealed when colored liquid is poured into it (orange juice, milk, chocolate milkshake or coke) The pattern of shapes and empty spaces on the glass combined with the color of the liquid inside the glass end up forming a textual sign, revealing what exact drink or refreshment you are having, with each side of the glass reserved for a specific drink. Besides being a novelty item with entertainment value it can also serve as a marketing item for beverage companies as it has a promotional potential.

Awards / Publications: 2009 - reddot design award winner 2009
Additional info: Thanks to Marko Radosavljević, and Jelena Jovović.

September 28, 2009 - No Comments!

Peter Bruegger: Moustache Mugs


As part of the London Design Week 09 Peter Bruegger presented his moustache mugs
at Designersblock. the fine bone china mugs are available in six different iconic tache styles.

'Enjoy effortlessly masquerading behind a character moustache while drinking your favourite tea or coffee … explore your favourite masculine expression! choose between feisty fu-magnum, ambigues mustafa-chaplin and cheeky maurice-poirot!'








September 16, 2009 - No Comments!

Lo-fi lomo

Transformer Film Camera

If you are of a certain age you will recognize this product as a 35mm film canister, but you may not notice that it is also a camera. That’s right, hidden inside this oversized film canister is a 35mm camera, not a digital camera. The camera is a tiny point and shoot that pops open to reveal the lens, flash and film holder inside. the design revives the iconic film canister graphics of the past, giving the camera a nostalgic feeling for those old enough to remember the pre-digital era. the camera’s controls are located on the side and the top
twists to advance the film. The camera also comes in an even more unusual disguise, a coffee canister. See for yourself here.




August 21, 2009 - No Comments!

A little bling for your drizzank….

Just come across these and I think I need them in my life!  At the weekend I always feel my drink could benefit from a bit more booooom, and these can certainly do that.

Serioulsy cool (excuse the pun, not intentional!)

Hip Hopsicles

Back in the day, when you wanted to get your gin and juice frosty you had to reach for some tired-ass ice cubes. Cubes are played out straight up wack. If you want to get your party crack-a-lackin' you're going to want to bring the noise with these Hip Hopsicle beverage chillers.


Four throwback shapes: microphones, boomboxes, turntables, and a little bling for your drizzank.

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