More selected projects

A selection of type pieces createdfor TBWA.

The first piece was originally created as part of the Tesco pitch and ended up on the wall of the TBWA\London Office.

The piece below now adorns the walls of TBWA\Manchester, after a recent makeover.

Typographic Wall Statement in TBWALondon for the Tesco pitch

During the summer, in downtime we redecorated the agency. Initially the design department and swiftly followed by all the other departments in the agency once they saw what we had achieved.

There where massive clear outs and tidying sessions and St Paul's has been transformed into an even more inspiring workplace. The transformation was finally completed a week ago with the installation of some wall vinyls placed around the building. I designed a couple of pieces, an organic and flowing welcome as you enter the front door and typographic treatment of a famous pangram in the studio.

Here are some more shots of the entire agency.