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April 23, 2011 - No Comments!

iPhone Tracker – Where I’ve been

After all the recent fuss on the news and twitter, thought I'd check out where I'd been.  Its fun watch the timeline play out and see journeys and trips down to the south or going skiing in the French Alps. As well as to see areas where I've lost signal and my phone has jumped several miles to other areas, which then have no trail to or from. I'm sure my recent trip to Amsterdam would be on there too but I've not synced my iphone in the last week.

If you want to see where you've been check: and for more information Pete Warden has written some interesting points about the who, what and why of it.

Personally I'm not too bothered by it, plenty of other companies track where and what we do, I think its just the unsecured and easy accessible nature of it which is risky. However I'm sure Apple will do something about this soon.


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