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August 30, 2011 - No Comments!

Donuts on Deansgate with @JensonButton and @TheFifthDriver

Yesterday Jenson Button took to the streets of Manchester in his Mclaron MP-23, tearing up Deansgate to Albert Square and back in again whilst 55,000 fans cheered him on.

Glad we got down their pretty early as we got quite good spot at the turning point by the town hall, where we got sprayed with bits of tyre/road as Jenson performed burnouts right infront of us. The Q&A was pretty interesting, especially after we had just been ejected from behind the fanzone by an angry security man for sneaking in with some of Jensons party!

Check out the videos at the bottom, as they attempt to portray the noise and power of it all - like angry elephants smashing their way around Manchester!



This video filmed by my mate @stevo9856 is awesome!

Img_3741 \

Jenson getting a bit sideways on his final run back towards Deansgate.

Img_3743 \

Jenson heading to the Q&A session - just after we had been ejected by a grizzly security guard.


Lewis Hamiltons suit and car.

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